Best Antifungal Dog Shampoos for Treating Yeast Infection in Dogs and Few Tips on How to get rid of it Without Going to the Vet

Finding the best antifungal dog shampoo is very important since it could prevent a yeast infection from spreading and it will eventually cure this condition. Yeast infections in dogs are not the unusual and normal amount of yeast can quickly get out of hand and become an infection if not treated on time. If this happens it would be best to pay a visit to the vet.

What Is Yeast and How to Spot It?

Yeast or Malassezia is a type of fungi bacteria that reproduce rapidly, parts of organism break and form again which is the main reason why it spreads so quickly.

Yeast infection in dogs is fortunately easy to spot if you notice symptoms listed below start with a treatment immediately:

  • Chewing or licking the feet
  • Scratching the ears or head shaking
  • Funky smell of ears and paws ( some people say that it smells like moldy bread, some say cheese or corn chips)
  • Hair loss on the upper back and the tail
  • Any black skin( especially on the spots where he’s missing hair)
  • Crawling on the carpet( due to an itch)
  • Stinky and oily skin

What Causes a Yeast Infection in a Dog?

There could be many causes of yeast infections, they usually happen when your dog’s immune system has been compromised in one way or another. All of these factors could cause a yeast infection in a dog:

  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • Prolonged usage of antibiotics or steroids
  • External skin parasites
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Food ( do not feed your dog with any foods that are high in sugar)
  • Climate ( warmer weather can also trigger yeast growth)


Best At-Home Treatments for Yeast Infection in Dogs

  1. Washing

Fill the tub with warm water, let your pup smell the water first and then put him in (you don’t want him drinking it). Your tub should be filled to his chest height. If you have a bigger dog ask someone to help you lift him in. After your dog is completely rinsed you may apply a good quantity of shampoo on his body and head, massage him gently, and do not let any product go directly into his eyes or ears.

Make sure that shampoo stays on there for 10 minutes since its only way you can remove wax and thick and crust of yeast that has caused discomfort to your dog. I know it is easier said than done, so bring some treats to your bathroom or bring his favorite toys to entertain him with. I recommend wearing rubber gloves if you have sensitive skin like me, since you may get an itch or rash otherwise.

  1. Spray Yeast Affected Areas with Apple Cider Vinegar

After you finished washing your Fido and the shampoo has successfully removed most of the wax and yeast, you can use apple cider vinegar to kill most of the yeast that had survived. In the bottle that you spray your plants with mix half apple vinegar and half water and spray this mixture on to his whole body. Let it dry on its own, do not rinse it off and avoid scratched areas because it does sting.

  1. Treat All Affected Areas with Coconut Oil

After apple cider vinegar has dried on your dog’s skin you may apply coconut oil on all affected areas. Apply it between his toes and under his arms, he may lick some of it but do not worry if that happens. Coconut oil is full of antioxidants and they are known to be good for doggies’ skin.

Best Food for a Dog Who Suffers from Yeast Overgrowth

In case you want to prevent this boring bacteria from coming back, you’re gonna have to change your dog’s diet. Make sure that your dog has lots of meats and fresh raw vegetables in his diet. You can find more information on that on High fructose corn syrup products and those that contain lots of sugar are to be avoided. Meat and bones are the main sources of protein and calcium and this is the most important food in any dog’s diet.

Bag of chicken wings is usually inexpensive and you can get it anywhere.  Meat from organs (liver, heart) should be given as an occasional treat. Vegetables are important because they will provide the necessary amount of fiber (helps dogs digest food easier). You can add a tablespoon of yogurt every time you give him veggies, since yogurt contains probiotics and prebiotics.

Are Some Dog Breeds More Likely to Get Yeast Infections?          

This is, unfortunately, the truth, dogs that have folds in the skin like Shar-Pei or French Bulldogs are no strangers to yeast infections so you need to be extra careful if you have these breeds. You need to clean them more often, especially areas prone to yeast. Other breeds sensitive to yeast are : German Shepherds, Shih-Tzus, West Highland White Terriers and Dachshunds.

Best Antifungal Dog Shampoos

In most cases, yeast can be treated with antifungal shampoos but before using any shampoo I would suggest putting a small amount of product on your pet’s skin just to check if there is any reaction. It isn’t likely that your dog is allergic to shampoo, but it is not impossible.

Listed below are my top 8 shampoos for treating yeast in dogs.

1. Nootie Medicated Oatmeal Dog Shampoo


This pain relieving pet shampoo is made with  Lidocaine HCL and Pramoxine HCL and is promoted as one of the best moisturizers for dog’s skin. It is soap-fee and it can be used with flea treatments as well. It also helps with skin infections and leaves skin and fur nice and shiny. They also promise to return the money in case this shampoo doesn’t work. This shampoo is recommended for dogs with extremely dry and itchy skin.

2. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic Shampoo by SynergyLabs


This shampoo is great at treating infections and parasites on your canine. It may not smell as good as some other shampoos that we recommended but it will definitely get the work done. It works amazing on dogs with itchy and flaky skin since SynergyLabs really calms it down after just one bath. And it’ll leave your dog’s coat nice and soft.

3. Ketohex Shampoo


Ketohex shampoo is a great solution if you have cats and dogs, since it can be used on both animals (on horses as well). It works great on curing fungal and bacterial infections and it will calm your pets’ skin down.  It’s a little pricey but it will last you a long time. It will not dry out your dog’s skin like some shampoos can but it will leave his skin and coat healthy looking.

4. Legger Organic Dog Shampoo


This antifungal shampoo is recommended by groomers and vegetarians because it regenerates dry and itchy skin. It smells great and will leave your dog’s coat nice and shiny. It’s made from all natural components, no artificial fragrance was added. That’s a little bit on the pricey side but it is 100 percent biodegradable so by buying this shampoo you’ll not only save your dog from infections but you’ll be saving nature as well.

5. Arava Natural Medicated Dog Shampoo


This shampoo is formulated with Dead Sea minerals and it is perfect for treating hot spots, infections and inflammation. It is also recommended for dogs with super dry skin. Arava Natural will make your dog’s fur nice, shiny and without any dandruff. This formula works great on adult dogs as well as puppies and it is made from all natural ingredients. This is the most expensive shampoo on the list but the company promises to return the money if you’re not happy with the results.

6. Moosh All Natural Anti-Fungal Shampoo


This high rated all natural and organic dog shampoo is just perfect for dogs with sensitive coats and skin. This formula although gentle and light scented will definitely eliminate bacterial and fungal spores from your canine’s body. This shampoo is a best seller for a reason, made from shea butter, neem, argan oil. It will leave your dog’s coat looking super shiny and beautiful.

7. Antibacterial and Antifungal Shampoo by PetArmor


This shampoo is great since it doesn’t contain any alcohol. It doesn’t only work great on fighting infection but it will restore shiny skin and coat. It can be used on dogs and cats both.

8. Healthy Clean Pet Medicated Dog Shampoo


This is one of the best shampoos when it comes to fighting infections, it is also considered to be a best natural alternative for a medicated shampoo. It is scientifically formulated by pet skin care experts who made it from all natural ingredients and plant extracts and it will leave your pet’s skin and coat shinier than ever. It smells amazing, some shampoos can smell a little “chemically” and this one has a natural, clean scent.

Many of my friends recommended this particular shampoo, so it’s a must try in my opinion. And healthy clean promises a full refund after 60 days, they are that convinced in power of this shampoo.

Things to Keep in Mind When Getting an Antifungal Shampoo for Your Dog

  • All of these shampoos work and will definitely solve the problem but unless you change your dog’s diet yeast will keep coming back. His diet should consist of meat and vegies (fed in moderation of course).
  • Another very important thing is that you can’t use these shampoos on other animals, unless it’s specifically said that you can like Ketohex (listed above), for example.
  • You should always test if your dog is allergic to shampoo before fully committing to it, by putting a little bit of product on some part of his skin first. It is not likely to happen, but you better be safe than sorry.  If this, however happens  wash away shampoo of him and try out some other product or seek veterinary help.
  • If your dog or any other pet is struggling with a fungal infection and you notice that the scrubs or bumps are open and bleeding, I would definitely check with the vet before using any shampoo.

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