Top Six Best Flea Combs for Cats and a Guide on How to Use Them

Flea treatments for your cat can be quiet expensive and that’s why it is important to choose the best flea comb you can find. If you want to find out our top 6 picks keep on reading!

If your cat is itching or scratching nonstop, you’ll need to take a closer look, since it is likely she has fleas or fleas are not treated on time they can cause many more problems than just annoying itch. By getting high-quality cat flea comb you can prevent flea infestations before they start to form eggs, larvae and what not in your cat’s fur.

Just note that you’ll need to get flea shampoo, drops, powder or pill as well and use both comb and shampoo together. You can’t use just a comb if you want to destroy all traces of flees permanently. And you probably want to get rid of these boring little things as soon as possible.

What Should You Do If Your Cat Has Fleas?

Like we all know fleas are quiet jumpers. They don’t usually jump from animals to humans, but it is not impossible. And just remember yourself if you ever had pox, how terrible and itchy you felt. Well, your cat feels the same, even if fleas don’t pose any danger to you. You need to get rid of them fast, for your cat’s sake! And how do we do that? Firstly you’ll need to get a towel or old blanket and try to get your cat to stand on it while combing so that fleas don’t fall directly on the floor.

After you’re done, put this towel in the washing machine immediately, even if you didn’t find any fleas. Eggs or flea larvae can’t be seen without a microscope, but they are there, trust me. Next step is to fill a bucket with hot soapy water and throw fleas in the water as you comb your cat. Fleas will die as soon as they get in touch with hot water and there is no risk that they’ll jump back on your cat. Like I already mentioned you can’t get rid of fleas with just combing, this stands for most cases at least.

You have to combine flea comb with other flea removal products if you want better and faster results. It will take you several weeks and some patience but you will succeed. You will destroy them like John Snow did Ramsay Bolton’s army or like he will demolish White Walkers (hopefully). Okay, I kind of went off the topic, but yea, few weeks of daily combing with usage of a good flea product, vacuuming carpets and floors, washing all areas that cat uses will eventually kill off all fleas.

Detecting Fleas Early Makes Your Life Easier

The sooner you detect your cat has fleas the easier it will be to get rid of them. Even if your cat doesn’t ever go out, she can still get flees since they can jump 100 times their own height. If you figure out your cat has fleas in early stages of infestation you may even be able to destroy them in one week, by combing your cat, using a flea shampoo and by brushing her with a regular brush several times a day as well.

How to Use Flea Comb on a Cat?

Top Flea combs for cats

You have to do it slowly and gently. Some cats love to be combed. I can comb my Summer for half an hour, she just melts while I do it, but Cleo hates it and I have scars to prove it. You can get some treats to feed her if she behaves well or gets someone else to distract and hold your cat while you comb.

When Using a Flea Comb, Comb at Right Angles

Start combing from ears and move towards tail, if you comb downwards flees may fall from the comb on the ground and escape or jump back on to your cat or other animals you have in the house. Then slowly move toward other areas, including top of the neck, underbelly, in between the paws and don’t forget the area around the rump. Flees will find any possible place to hide, some of those will be tricky to comb due to the fact that doesn’t know what’s happening and she will not be happy.

You need to wear something with long sleeves while you do this, I suggest an old winter jacket and gloves( I was wearing a thin long sleeve shirt and I have serious scars from this, not saying it will happen to you, but just be careful), even my Summer was anxious during this process and as I said, she enjoys combing. Do not dip the comb into the water, it is less effective like that but use your hands to take the flea off the comb and place it into the water.

In case you have some magically patient cat, comb her once and then wait for flees to move around and comb her again. What usually happens is they will move from hardly accessible areas to areas that you can reach relatively easy.

Things You Should Take Into Account When Combing Cat for Flees

  • Some cats may go bananas when being combed. If this happens to yours the best solution is to look for an alternative to combing.
  • Be gentle while brushing because there are areas that may cause pain when being brushed. If you brush through the cat may run away next time she sees you holding a brush. If your cat is infected, you’ll need to comb her often so avoid hurting her by being extra careful.
  • In case your cat has flea bites, brushing should be avoided because cat may have inflammation. You can use oral treatment or shooting cream as an alternative. Call your vet to get more information on that matter.
  • If your cat’s fur is short, you can use wide toothed comb to untangle any knots.

Flea combs are not only great for detecting and getting rid of fleas but they also create a bond between you and your kitty cat and another great thing about them is that even high-quality ones are incredibly cheap.

The Best Flea Combs for Cats

Let’s now take a look at some of the best flea combs that you can purchase.

  1. Safari Flea Comb


This flea comb is not only super cheap but also extremely effective due to its sturdy metal teeth.  The spacing between the teeth is awesome for catching medium to adults sized flees. This comb is recommended by professional groomers and you can get it with a single row of teeth which is ideal for short-haired cats, and with a double row which usually works better on long-haired cats.

  1. Honbay Flea and Lice Comb


This is a best plastic flea comb, ideal for those who have three, to four cats, since it comes in a 4 pack. I prefer metal ones due to their durability; I don’t have to worry if the teeth will break with metal combs. But I guess that 4 plastic ones will last you long time if you break one that still leaves you with 3 more to go. It absolutely works on getting rid of fleas; however, the lack of handle underneath the teeth makes it a little bit harder to use.

  1. Zelta Pet Grooming Tool


This flea comb has nice and firm handle which makes it one of the most comfortable and easy to use combs that you can buy. In my experience, some of the combs without handle or with a smaller handle are trickier to use, and this one is super smooth and easy to use. It also has rounded teeth that’ll go through any knots in the fur, without causing too much irritation.

  1. Dog & Cat Flea Comb by Pet Republique


I really like this comb, it is a true flea slayer. It is made from metal, teeth are longer so it is great for long-haired cat or dog, like name suggest it is suitable for both animals. Teeth also seem to be a little closer together which means that fleas will stay in the comb long enough for you to dunk them in the water. But the thing I adore about this brand is that they give 15% of their profits to American Animal Rescue Foundation. So by getting this comb you’re not just getting rid of fleas but also saving other animals.

  1. Pet Flea Comb by Dukes


These combs will definitely brighten up your combing experience due to its pretty colors. It comes in a pack of 3 plastic combs. They also can be used on both cats and dogs and on other small animals that have problems with fleas.

  1. Double Row Teeth Flea Comb By Hertzko


Last but not least, Hertzko comb is the most expensive one on our list. This comb due to its rounded teeth will not scratch your kitten on the sensitive spots. Because it has two rows of teeth, you’ll need to check both sides for flees, which makes flea control a little trickier, but it will definitely catch more of them for the same reason as well.

Tips for Using Combs on Your Cat

  • Choose a right time: Don’t stop your cat if she’s about to go out, or go to sleep, eating or if she’s just not in the mood for combing. You will not have a pleasant time! Cats hate being dragged away from something that they were doing. Pick a time when your cat is in the cuddling mood or just looking for attention, this way you turn this activity into something very nice for both of you and you’re life will be much, much easier like this. I have had cats for many years so learn from my experience and just submit to her.
  • Avoid too much contact between comb and skin: Avoid putting too much pressure on cat’s skin, since that may cause her great pain. You should hold your brush at a 45-degree angle to her body and this way the teeth won’t be making too much contact with cat’s skin. A little contact with a skin is fine, but too much will cause her discomfort.
  • Prepare a way to kill the fleas: In order to kill fleas, you’ll either need to crush them on a piece of paper, or if you don’t like this (like me) fill a bucket or a jar with hat soapy water and dunk your hands with comb directly to the water, to kill off all of flees (before they get a chance to return on your cat), you may continue combing after that.

Prevent Re-Infestation Using a Flea Comb

By regularly combing your cat you can prevent adult fleas from reproducing and this will make your life so much easier. And in time your cat will be thankful for brushing because that’s what helps destroy those annoying little creatures that cause her such discomfort.

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